What our accreditation services include

We offer accreditation services to students at different stages of their educational careers. Our services are aimed to help them find skills and subjects and meet the requirements that they need to complete their high-school diplomas and graduate on time.

We have an efficient course structure that allows students to come through and pick up assignments, coursework, and structures that allow them to meet graduation requirements, standardized testing requirements and clear the state’s requirements for obtaining a high-school diploma.

The services are also designed for those who are looking to finish high school at their own pace and in their own comfort, giving them a no-pressure option to graduate.

Who can benefit from our accreditation services

Choice Educational Academy has some of the most comprehensive accreditation services for high-school students as well as adults.

Our accreditation services are applicable to both adults that are looking to finish their high-school diplomas and education, and to homeschooled students, among others.

The services allow you to create a personally tailored program that is flexible with time and content while also giving you the structure needed to meet graduation requirements. You can make up for lost or missing credits, take tests, and get your diploma without having to sit through extensive classes.


Sarah Taylor

“They’ve helped me work at my own pace and complete high-school graduation three years instead of four, and fast-track my way to college.”

Sarah Taylor
Mark Huff

“After struggling with a learning disability for years, my son was able to get his high school diploma with Choice Educational Academy  help last year. Thank you for everything!”

Mark Huff
Sarah Taylor
“As a homeschooled kid, it was tough to identify certain areas of weakness, but I’ve been taking added help and get-ahead courses at the academy, and it’s changed my life.”
Max Mayfield