Open for staggered learning

Monday and Wednesdays 

9 am to 1 pm

Safety first- one on one tutoring

Go as fast or as slow as you want


WE do accept Special Education students!!!


Choice Educational Academy (C.E.A.) is a privately run educational institution for middle, and high school students.


C.E.A. provides high-quality instructional core and AP courses while including a rigorous STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics -curriculum.


OPEN ENROLLMENT-  Come any time.

  • We can save your grades, help you get into college.

  • Withdraw and come to C.E.A. ACADEMY NOW, before your failing grades are placed on your transcript.

  • Curriculum you can understand

  • Non-threatening, safe environment

470-514-5525 or

Culver left.jpg
Culver building.jpg
Culver driveway view.jpg
Culver left look.jpg


271 South Culver Street, Ste. A

Lawrenceville, GA  30046


Geary Law firm is the house in front

Take the driveway and go behind the house

Yellow sided building

plenty of parking

We are the Suite to the far left-  outside Door

on the outside of the building on the left(when looking at the building