Why choose C.E.A?


Choice Educational Academy,(C.E.A) is a private educational facility that meets the needs of every student.  Our staff is made up of professional educators that have various subject degrees, as well as special education, masters, and specialists degrees.  


So what makes C.E.A unique? We are a welcoming community that values relationships and the partnership between home and school. We provide a safe, nurturing environment that enhances learning while recognizing the uniqueness of each student. We also, challenge our students to step into roles of leadership and service.


Incorporated into every lesson, proven strategies ensure that C.E.A is thoroughly equipped to increase your child's level of mastery.  High school level students from C.E.A  have obtained academic success on the SAT and ACT testing that ensures the student enters college with confidence.


As the premier small-size 1st-12th school in the Gwinnett area, we offer a full lineup of offerings in academics, while still nurturing a sense of community in a close-knit, stable learning environment. 


We are also a participating school in the (IEP)SB10 scholarship program.



Choice Educational Academy (C.E.A.) is a privately run educational institution for lower, middle, and high school students.


C.E.A. provides high-quality instructional core and AP courses while including a rigorous STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics -curriculum.

OPEN ENROLLMENT-  Come any time.

  • We can save your grades, help you get into college.

  • Withdraw and come to C.E.A. ACADEMY NOW, before your failing grades are placed on your transcript.

  • Curriculum you can understand

  • Non-threatening, safe environment

  • Low Student/teacher ratios

  • Special Education students are welcome depending on the disability

We will be closed for the week of March 16th through March 20th due to the virus.


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