Open for non-traditional learning

Monday and Wednesdays 

9 am to 1 pm

Safety first- one on one tutoring

Go as fast or as slow as you want



Choice Educational Academy (C.E.A.) is a privately run educational institution for middle, and high school students.


C.E.A. provides high-quality instructional core and AP courses while including a rigorous STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics -curriculum.

WE do accept Special Education students!!!

9:00 am to 1:00 pm   Monday and Wednesdays

More dates to be determined based on enrollment

Safety is our first concern-

1. Mask must be worn in the common areas, but when you are in our office you may remove your mask.

2.Our school is set up as a non-traditional program during the Covid  crisis.

3.  Students will come in once or twice per week to receive work.  They then take it home to complete it.

4. Should a student need help with the work, please notify us by e-mail and we will respond with dates and times to come in for tutoring.

5.  We can also arrange for a Zoom meeting for the students as well.

6.  We are also accessible by e-mail and telephone.

We are accredited and you will be doing work that you understand and will be able to handle during this time period.  Our transcript goes to any public school as well as all college and universities.



Do not take a chance by sending your student to a LARGE, Public school, as you know what will happen.  Within a week or two, covid will be present and the school system will shut down and put you on Virtual.  Virtual has more work involved and there is usually no teacher available to help the students.

WE are providing SAFETY from the BEGINNING!!!!

OPEN ENROLLMENT-  Come any time.

  • We can save your grades, help you get into college.

  • Withdraw and come to C.E.A. ACADEMY NOW, before your failing grades are placed on your transcript.

  • Curriculum you can understand

  • Non-threatening, safe environment

678- 808-4299 or

School has started, do not be left behind

moved to a NEW location


Regus Center at Shoppes at Webb Ginn House Road

Snellville, GA

behind Bonefish Grill

2 glass doors- say Lofts above the doors

Come in and take elevator to 2nd floor

Take a left and go to first open door, which is Reception

They will contact us that you are present and we will come get you.










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