About Choice Educational Academy

Choice Educational Academy is a fully accredited, well-respected and government-recognized, co-educational Private Secondary School. We are committed to giving quality education. Originated in a basement 15 years ago and continued to grow year after year, thanks to an overwhelming response. Our founder has worked as an educator for 44 years and has the skill, expertise, and insight that helps create a fantastic learning environment. We are often the first choice for many students and their families.


What makes us special

We at the Choice Educational Academy recognize that public schools are not designed for everyone. Whether you want to work slower than the average person, or you wish to work faster, design your own curriculum, or take time off and finish in the near future, we have a solution for you.

We’ve designed an educational space that factors in individual needs while keeping the collective social needs and qualifications it takes to be a high-school graduate.

COVID forced the academy to downsize from a larger space and retainer staff to a smaller, more efficient model instead. Unlike public schools, the restructured work model and space allow for maximum efficiency and fewer wasted hours. The teaching format has been fine-tuned to focus on core subjects at the academy, alongside various electives that can be counted toward credits. Some of the accepted options that students opt for include music, equestrian activities, part-time work, farming, karate, and more, as credits.


“They’ve helped me work at my own pace and complete high-school graduation three years instead of four, and fast-track my way to college.”

Sarah Taylor

“After struggling with a learning disability for years, my son was able to get his high school diploma with Choice Educational Academy  help last year. Thank you for everything!”

Mark Huff
“As a homeschooled kid, it was tough to identify certain areas of weakness, but I’ve been taking added help and get-ahead courses at the academy, and it’s changed my life.”
Max Mayfield