Academic Program

Our academy offers a unique Academic Program for grades 6-12, giving students the opportunity to tailor and customize their curriculum based on their needs.

The academic program enables students to set their own pace, allowing them to progress slower or faster than their peers in public schools. They can also space out courses and earn credits from a broader range of choices.

Our program ensures that students meet the necessary graduation requirements and are well-prepared for college admission. Additionally, we offer various Honors and AP courses that foster independent study. Communication with our students is maintained through phone or email. Moreover, students enrolled in this program visit the campus once a week to submit their work and receive new assignments.

We are proud to offer extensive independent learning and studying options for students who may have work commitments, participate in extra-curricular activities, or prefer pursuing independent education.

Credit Recovery

One of our key services is credit recovery for students who have been unable to complete their requirements in school.
Students can come in once a week to pick up coursework and submit assignments needed to finish and meet their credit requirements. This allows opportunity to make up for lost credits, missed courses, and complete their graduation.
Our rates are as follows:
Half credits = $150
Whole Credits = $300

We accept cash, money orders, debit/credit cards, but not checks.
Please note: Gwinnett County reserves the right to make students appear for a test on the material. They will ask you for study materials in order to pass the test.Other counties as well as popular universities such as UGA and Emory University will accept your transcript, but Gwinnett requires students to be tested.

Summer School

Our summer school offers options to students, adults, and homeschool students to take courses during the summer. We have credit recovery courses, enrichment courses, accreditation, and other options available.

You can sign up for differnet classes, come in for credit recovery, and fast-track your eduational career with us.