Choice Educational Academy is a growing entity among Gwinnett County Private Schools.

Where do you turn first for guidance on decisions impacting your children? To other
parents, of course. So we asked parents to share the top things they love about Choice
Educational Academy, a standout among North Atlanta private schools.

Diversity of Offerings

Offering a variety of Experiences to develop a well-rounded child based on individual strengths – project-based learning, arts, clubs, STEAM and other innovations. . This Alternative Center prepares students as thinkers, creators and problem-solvers for the 21st century. There are after-school clubs and student organizations.  Our Arts program includes fall and spring musicals and visual arts.

Character and Emotional Intelligence

Each day begins with Motivational quote, with a focus on being intentional. Each month, our Director discusses a character trait with our students. Our teachers model and reinforce these traits in and outside the classroom.

Individual Approach to Learning

Our curriculum is designed for teachers to adapt to different learning styles, with on-level, advanced, and support programs available.

Welcoming Environment

Our faculty understands that a safe and nurturing environment is essential for establishing a healthy learning experience. Knowing that they are supported, our students are able to develop beneficial life skills such as self-confidence and acceptance.

Shared Family Values

Our dedicated parents and families understand the importance of engaging in their child’s academic and social development. They are extremely involved and giving of their time and talents to foster a sense of community.

Our Teachers and Support Staff know every child

With small class sizes, teachers have the ability to spend more personalized time with students. This provides the teacher and support staff with the opportunity to learn and teach to our students’ different learning styles ensuring no child falls behind.



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