Independent Study- Independent Learning Academy

CEA Academy Non-Traditional Program - Independent Learning program provides students with all the requirements for graduation and college admission, and offers many Honors and AP courses.


The Independent Learning Academy is a program offered to students in grades 9-12. It is an option for students who need an alternative learning environment in which to succeed and earn a high school diploma.

The Independent Learning Academy curriculum offers the same high quality courses offered in our Traditional Program and are very competitive to the courses in both public and private schools in the State of Georgia School Districts.


The Independent Learning Academy  maintains communication with students and are generally available to answer questions throughout the day by phone or email.  Students in this program come one (1) day a week to turn in work and receive new work.  They have no access to teachers unless they hire the teacher as a tutor.

This program works well for those that work full time or mostly full time jobs to help their family with monthly bills , etc.

The Independent Program now has on-line access to the work, as well.  This makes it easier for those students that are working full-time, but are trying to complete the work for their high school diploma.  

Initially, a student will come in and we set you up with your e-mail and password to be able to access the work you need.  You can also send it back to us by the online source as well.

Independent Learning Academy Students must:
  • Attend MANDATORY advisement meeting with their teacher each week (online or in person).

  • SUBMIT ILA assignments weekly for grading (mandatory). NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Failure to submit your assignments on time for the week. Late fees of 10 points off for each day late will apply to the independent learning as well as the traditional program.

  • REPORT to C.E.A.  to take all Chapter Tests, Unit Tests, Quizzes, Mid-Term and/or  Final Exams; to receive credit for the course/classes.

  • If the ILA student fails to take the test or benchmarks on-site, it  will result in the class/course being marked as”Audit/Incomplete Course”. Student will be required to retake the course and be removed the course.