* disclaimer below about Gwinnett county schools

Presently, we are open on Monday and Wednesdays from 9 am to 1 pm !


   Students or parents can come in to obtain the packets to make up the credit or credits they need in order to graduate.

We do allow payments, but in order to release the transcript- the full payment must be made.  We take cash, money orders and debit/credit cards for payments. No Checks.

Half credits = $150

Whole Credits  = $300

*Reminder:  Gwinnett county does reserve the right to make the student take a test on the material.  You will need to ask them for study materials in order to pass the test.


**All other counties along with all the major universities such as UGA, Emory University accept the transcript as is, but Gwinnett makes students take a test. 

What is the cost of Credit Recovery?

Half (.5) credit (1 semester)    =  $150.00                          Payments can be

                                                                                                              arranged              Full (1.0) credit (2 semesters)  = $300.00